J Spencer

Senior Sourcing, Production, & Merchandising Executive


J Spencer


Highly skilled senior executive who has created vision and spearheaded innovation, increasing revenues and profits and reducing costs. Proven record of streamlining processes, reducing inventory, enhancing productivity and improving quality, while increasing ROI, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Managed multi-national operations with revenues in excess of $150M and more than 3,000 employees. Deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets Highly successful in building vendor and manufacturer relationships. Exceptional understanding of Chinese business and social culture.
I am extremely competent at trend identification and diverse market penetration. I excel at aligning core business, achieving revenue & growth goals, key account development, developing high-performance teams, mastering technology, and product delivery in complex and challenging situations.


  • $500M
    Annual Revenue
  • 20%
    Sales Growth
  • 60%
    Output Increase
  • $20M+
    Revenue Growth
  • 74%
    Factory reduction
  • 50%
    Lead-time Reduction


  • Former Board Member of Sudara; Sudara advocates and empowers women victims of human trafficking
  • 2015 Innovator Award
  • President of Dragon Crowd - Dragon Crowd is one of the largest private apparel manufacturers
  • * Shifty’s - Retail concept * Union Trend - Buying agency * INSTACO - E-commerce company
  • Doubled retail client revenue to more than $43M


  • Merchandising & Trend Analysis
  • Product & Brand Development
  • Business & Marketing Strategy
  • Key Account Development
  • Change Management
  • Growth & Profit Optimization
  • Global Ventures
  • Entrereneurship
  • Strategic Product Initiatives
  • Pricing & Financial Analysis